iStock_000012107849Medium_croppedThe management of long leasehold residential property is a complex business requiring a full understanding of the structure and meaning of leases, a thorough knowledge of the statutory requirements of various pieces of Landlord and Tenant legislation (there are at least six key Acts of Parliament along with scores of Regulations) and compliance with the recognised Codes of Practice.

BBM prides itself on ensuring it is up to date with the current legislation and regulations. One of the most comprehensive sources of information and updates, in advance of planned changes, is the Association of Residential Managing Agents. BBM’s ARMA membership ensures BBM is as well informed as it can be.

Much of BBM’s work is involved with legal matters including the Landlord and Tenant Act, Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order and many others. BBM’s dedicated full time members of staff will assist clients in so far as may be possible and will suggest the engagement of solicitors when deemed necessary.

When the sale of a flat occurs, BBM will respond to the formal enquiries made by the purchaser’s solicitor. These are commonly known as pre-sale enquiries. BBM will hold all of the information required to ensure accurate responses.

In respect of limited freehold companies BBM would normally be appointed as Company Secretary and ensure compliance with the Companies Act 1985 (as amended).